Terreece Clarke

Terreece Clarke

Terreece M. Clarke has been a writer, journalist and editor since 1999 for a variety of newspapers, websites, magazines and companies. Nationally published, her work runs the gamut between first person narratives and personality profiles to features, hard news, social media campaigns and books. A trained journalist, Terreece received her bachelors degree in Public Affairs Journalism from The Ohio State University.

“The best thing any writer can do to produce their best work is to be open to learning and willing to teach. That’s what writers do – we become students of the subject we are writing about and share what we learn with readers. It’s a fabulous opportunity and an awesome responsibility.”

In addition to being a journalist, Terreece is a business owner. After several years as a freelancer she created Clarke Columbus Consulting with her husband David J. Clarke in 2008 in response to increased requests for specialized services.

C3 has worked with local, regional, national and international clients and is expanding into the publishing realm. Originally director of writing services for C3, Terreece has recently taken on the role as CEO of the company.

Terreece M. Clarke speaks on business, writing, family and media topics such as:

  • Small Business Social Media and Marketing
  • Freelance Writing 101: 10 Steps to Go from Newbie to Payee
  • Writers and Social Media
  • Writing Reboots, build a new niche; restart your career
  • Media trends and journalists
  • Smart social media tips for families
  • Moms and Social Media
  • New Mom trials and triumphs
  • Poop on Perfect – being a good mom vs perfect mom
  • Navigating marriage and the family business
  • Women in media – stereotypes, triumphs and impact

Terreece always delivers lively, engaging talks with an emphasis on practical information for audiences. Whether a keynote or a part of a panel, Terreece’s appearances are thoroughly researched and tailored for your audience. To book Terreece for your next conference contact her here.


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